Iowa's Fossil Hunters:
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Over the past 150 years, since its creation as the Cabinet of Natural History in 1855, the UI fossil collection has grown through faculty and student field collecting, deposit of research material and donations from the public. The Iowa public in particular has been instrumental in expanding the collection. This website recognizes and celebrates their efforts.

This website is part of "Preserving 150 years of Iowa's fossil collecting heritage," a project partially funded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection - Historical Resource Development Program of the StateHistorical Society of Iowa. The University of Iowa Paleontology Repository's Rhodes Memorial Fund is also supporting this project.

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Professor A.O. Thomas with a mastodon jaw in front of Old Science Hall

Acknowledgements: this website is partially funded by grant from the State Historical Society of Iowa. Thanks to Kelly Oates, David Majewski, Myra Laird, Bonnie Beck, Brittany Maltas, Jenna Moeller, Rachel Kirchenbaum and Diana Henry (Museum Studies Program and Dept. of Geoscience) for creating these pages. Thanks to David McCartney, Kristin Baum and Nancy Kraft (UI Libraries), for assistance, training and advice.  Finally to Tiffany Adrain, for organization and assistance throughout this project.

To correct or add information about Iowa's Fossil Hunters please contact:
Tiffany Adrain, Collections Manager, UI Paleontology Repository.

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"The time has come, Fenton, when Paleontology is a complete science itself and is no longer in its infancy..." -C.H. Belanski, October 17, 1926









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