University of Iowa

Barbados-Antigua Expedition

April 23rd, 1918

The Barbados-Antiqua Expediton was an educational and scientific experiment involving graduate students and faculty from the University of Iowa. The purpose of the expedition was to increase knowledge of the geology and natural history of the area. This research was intended to compliment the earlier Bahama Expediton of 1895.

At last all was ready and our tickets had been bought and reservations secured by Professor Thomas, our efficient transportation agent. The Barbados-Antigua expedition left Iowa City on the 23rd of April, 1918, with the following members enrolled: Professor A. O. Thomas, member of Expedition Committee and Geologist; Mr. Dayton Stoner, member of Executive Committee, in charge of collections, and Entomologist; Mr. John B. Henderson, in charge of dredging operations and the collection of Mollusca; Professor Walter K. Fisher, in charge of collection of Echinoderms; Dr. Thesle T. Job, in charge of laboratories; Mr. Maurice Ricker, official photographer; Mrs. C. C. Nutting, matron of the expedition; Mrs. Dayton Stoner, assistant in entomology; Miss Catharine Mullin, in charge of collections of Annulata and allied forms; Miss Gertrude Van Wagenen, in charge of collections of corals, anemones and medusae; Miss Mildred Sykes, originally in charge of the Alcyonaria; Mr. Sydney Greenlaw, captain of the launch; Mrs. Thesle T. Job, assisting in laboratory; Mrs. A. O. Thomas, assisting in geology; Mr. H. J. Wehman, in charge of Protozoa, and artist; Mr. Willis Nutting, in charge of collection of fishes; Mr. Dwight Ensign, in charge of collection of Crustacea; Master Carl Nutting; and Professor C. C. Nutting, director and chairman of the Executive Committee.

.......C. C. Nutting, 1919


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