List of Taxa Order Genera List by GENUS NAME or FAMILY NAME


Genera List by NMITA classification
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Achirus Lacepede, 1802, Family: Achiridae
Parascombrops Alcock, 1969, Family: Acropomatidae
Albula Scopoli, 1777, Family: Albulidae
Apogon Lacepede, 1801, Family: Apogonidae
Argentina Family: Argentinidae
Arius Valenciennes, 1840, Family: Ariidae
Atherinomorus Fowler, 1903, Family: Atherinidae
Membras Bonaparte, 1836, Family: Atherinidae
Bathyclupea Alcock, 1891, Family: Bathyclupeidae
Perulibatrachus Roux & Whitley, 1971, Family: Batrachoididae
Porichthys Girard, 1855, Family: Batrachoididae
Thalassophryne Gunther, 1861, Family: Batrachoididae
Citharichthys Bleeker, 1862, Family: Bothidae
Syacium Ranzani, 1842, Family: Bothidae
Bregmaceros Thompson, 1840, Family: Bregmacerotidae
"Dinematichthyinorum" Family: Bythitidae
Decapterus Bleeker, 1850, Family: Carangidae
Trachurus Rafinesque, 1810, Family: Carangidae
Carapus Rafinesque, 1810, Family: Carapidae
Echiodon Thompson, 1837, Family: Carapidae
Snyderidia Gilbert, 1905, Family: Carapidae
Centropomus Lacepede, 1802, Family: Centropomidae
Parasudis Regan, 1911, Family: Chlorophthalmidae
Harengula Valenciennes, 1847, Family: Clupeidae
Opisthonema LeSeur, 1818, Family: Clupeidae
Pellona Valenciennes, 1847, Family: Clupeidae
Ariosoma Swainson, 1838, Family: Congridae
Cynoponticus Costa, 1846, Family: Congridae
Hildebrandia Jordan & Evermann, 1927, Family: Congridae
Parabathymyrus Family: Congridae
Paraconger Kanasawa, 1961, Family: Congridae
Paraxenomystax Family: Congridae
Symphurus (Rafinesque), 1810, Family: Cynoglossidae
Anchoa Jordan & Evermann, 1927, Family: Engraulidae
Cetengraulis Gunther, 1868, Family: Engraulidae
Engraulis Cuvier, 1816, Family: Engraulidae
Epigonus Rafinesque, 1810, Family: Epigonidae
Eucinostomus Baird & Girard, 1855, Family: Gerreidae
Gobiidae, gen. ind. Family: Gobiidae (Click on the image to get details)
Haemulon Cuvier, 1829, Family: Haemulidae
Haemulopsis Family: Haemulidae
Orthopristis Girard, 1858, Family: Haemulidae
Pomadasys Lacepede, 1802, Family: Haemulidae
Hyporhamphus Gill, 1859, Family: Hemiramphidae
Pythonichthys Poey, 1868, Family: Heterenchelyidae
Myripristis Cuvier, 1829, Family: Holocentridae
Lactarius Valenciennes, 1833, Family: Lactariidae
Pristipomoides Bleeker, 1852, Family: Lutjanidae
Coelorhinchus Giorna, 1809, Family: Macrouridae
Melamphaes Gunther, 1864, Family: Melaphaidae
Merluccius Rafinesque, 1810, Family: Merlucciidae
Steindachneria Goode & Bean, 1888, Family: Merlucciidae
Gadella Lowe, 1848, Family: Moridae
Mugil Linnaeus, 1758, Family: Mugilidae
Upeneus Cuvier, 1829, Family: Mullidae
Gymnothorax Bloch, 1794, Family: Muraenidae
Diaphus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1890, Family: Myctophidae
Electrona Goode & Bean, 1896, Family: Myctophidae
Hygophum Bolin, 1939, Family: Myctophidae
Lampadena Family: Myctophidae
Lampanyctus Bonaparte, 1840, Family: Myctophidae
Symbolophorus Family: Myctophidae
Neoscopelus Johnson, 1863, Family: Neoscopelidae
cf. Neoscopelus Johnson, 1863, Family: Neoscopelidae
Scopelosaurus Family: Notosudidae
Ophichthus Ahl, 1789, Family: Ophichthidae
Brotula Cuvier, 1829, Family: Ophidiidae
Chilara Jordan & Evermann, 1896, Family: Ophidiidae
Lepophidium Gill, 1895, Family: Ophidiidae
Neobythites Goode & Bean, 1886, Family: Ophidiidae
Neobythytinae, gen. ind. Family: Ophidiidae (Click on the image to get details)
Oligopus Risso, 1810, Family: Ophidiidae
Ophidion Linnaeus, 1758, Family: Ophidiidae
Otophidium Gill, 1887, Family: Ophidiidae
Paraphidium Tortonese, 1954, Family: Ophidiidae
Lonchopisthus Gill, 1862, Family: Opistognathidae
Opistognathus Cuvier, 1817, Family: Opistognathidae
Bembrops Family: Percophidae
Plotosus Lacepede, 1803, Family: Plotosidae
Polymixia Lowe, 1838, Family: Polymixiidae
Neopisthopterus Family: Pristigasteridae
cf. Sparisoma Swainson, 1831, Family: Scaridae
"Sciaenidarum" Family: Sciaenidae
Aplodinotus Rafinesque, 1819, Family: Sciaenidae
Bairdiella Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Ctenosciaena Fowler & Bean, 1924, Family: Sciaenidae
Cynoscion Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Equetus Rafinesque, 1815, Family: Sciaenidae
Isopisthus Gill, 1863, Family: Sciaenidae
Larimus Cuvier, 1830, Family: Sciaenidae
Menticirrhus Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Micropogonias Bonaparte, 1831, Family: Sciaenidae
Nebris Cuvier, 1830, Family: Sciaenidae
Odontoscion Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Ophioscion Gill, 1864, Family: Sciaenidae
Pachypops Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Paralonchurus Bocourt, 1869, Family: Sciaenidae
Plagioscion Gill, 1862, Family: Sciaenidae
Protosciaena Sasaki, 1989, Family: Sciaenidae
Sciaenops Gill, 1864, Family: Sciaenidae
Stellifer Oken, 1817, Family: Sciaenidae
Stelliferinidae, gen. ind. Family: Sciaenidae (Click on the image to get details)
Umbrina Cuvier, 1817, Family: Sciaenidae
Epinephelus Bloch, 1793, Family: Serranidae
cf. Diplectrum Holbrook, 1855, Family: Serranidae
Maurolicus Cocco, 1838, Family: Sternoptychidae
Polyipnus Gunther, 1887, Family: Sternoptychidae
Lestidiops Family: Synodontidae
Saurida Valenciennes, 1849, Family: Synodontidae
Synodus Gronow, 1763, Family: Synodontidae
Gephyroberyx Bouleger, 1902, Family: Trachichthyidae
Hoplostethus Cuvier, 1829, Family: Trachichthyidae
Lepidopus Family: Trichiuridae
Prionotus Lacepede, 1802, Family: Triglidae