NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America 

NMITA Database Model

A. Full Database Model (under development)

Our full database model was developed by Budd, Golden, and Fortunato (see NMITA Staff) using ERwin 2.1 through consultation with Brenda Ulin (Senior Systems Analyst, Institutional Data and Data Management (IDDM), Information Technology Services, Univ. Iowa). It is patterned after the Information Model for Biological Collections of the Association of Systematic Collections (ASC) - March 1993 version, and conforms with the Invertebrate Paleontology Collections (IPC) Model developed at the NSF Collections Computerization Workshop following NAPC-6 in June 1996. It expands on the ASC model by adding entities for morphologic characters, measurements, and illustrations (e.g., photos, drawings & diagrams). It consists of 71 entities in five major subject areas, for which general descriptions and entity relationship diagrams are below: For further documentation of the full NMITA Database Model, see: Screens for entering data into the full model are currently under development.

B. Models used in currently available dynamic searches

During the first stage of the project (through November 2000), dynamic searches are being developed using simplified denormalized versions of the full database model. Because different contributors have provided different data fields, slightly different models have been used for each taxonomic group. Currently available searches include--

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