Rio Cana

Arroyo Bellaco
Locality Bel 6: Cercado Formation, Late Miocene, ~5.6 - 6.8 Ma

Faunal List (reef corals only)

Favia dominicensis [massive/mound]
Goniopora imperatoris [massive/mound]
Madracis mirabilis [branching]
Montastraea-I limbata [massive/mound]
Montastraea-II endothecata [massive/mound]
Pocillopora crassoramosa [branching]
Porites-I portoricensis [branching]
Stylophora affinis [branching]
Undaria agaricites [mostly plates]

Modified after: Klaus, J.S. and A.F. Budd. 2003. Comparison of Caribbean coral reef communities before and after Plio-Pleistocene faunal turnover: Analyses of two Dominican Republic reef sequences. PALAIOS 18:3-21.