Stylophora undata Weisbord, 1971.

CC species number = 12

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Photograph: Scale bar is 4 mm. Image is of holotype (UF 8920).

Synonyms: None.

Holotype: UF 8920 (Locality: Chipola Formation, Florida. Early Miocene).

Morphologic Description

Character State
Colony Form plocoid
Colony Shape massive, irregular
Colony Size massive, 10-35 cm (*)
Colony Surface bumpy with blunt swellings (*)
Budding Type mostly extramural
Corallite Diameter 0.8-1.0 mm (*)
Calical Surface Shape circular
Calical Rim flattened
Coenosteum Width narrow, << corallite diameter (*)
Coenosteum Surface granulations
Septa Per Corallite 6 primary, weak secondaries
Columella Structure styliform
Columella Development weak
Wall Structure septothecal


  • Late Early Miocene: Chipola Formation, Florida.

  • Last updated on February 15, 1997-afb.

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