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Favia gravida Verrill, 1868


Holotype: YPM 1465a

Morphologic Description:
Meander series sinuosity: gently curved
Colony size: small (<10cm)
Attachment of skeleton: attached
Epitheca: well-developed
Wall development between buds: most
Symmetry of bud geometry: multi-directional
Calice or valley width: small (<5mm)
Calice relief: low (<2mm)
Calicular platform shape: u-shaped
Coenosteum: narrow (< valley width)
Exothecal dissepiments: present
Number of septal cycles: >4
Septal spacing (per 5mm): >12
Relative septa thickness: unequal
Relative costae thickness: unequal
Continuity of costae: dis-continuous
Septal lobes: absent
Paliform lobes: absent
Columella continuity: continuous
Columella width: 1/3
Endothecal dissepiments: rare
Wall structure: septothecal
Double or single wall: single

Recent : <10m, Abrolhos reefs, Brazil;

Last updated on June 17, 1998-kgj.

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