Manicina Ehrenberg, 1834

Type Species: Madrepora areolata Linnaeus, 1758

Morphologic Description: Colony form meandroid or flabelloid; Centers per series >5; Colony shape massive; Epitheca well-developed; Budding type intramural; Calice or valley width large (10-20 mm); Costae well-developed; Septal and paliform lobes sometimes septal; Columella structure trabecular & continuous; Columella well-developed; Endothecal dissepiments well-developed; Wall structure septothecal or parathecal;

Species (9 total):

Manicina areolata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Manicina geisteri Budd and Johnson, 1998
Manicina grandis (Duncan, 1864)
Manicina jungi Budd and Johnson, 1998
Manicina mayori Wells, 1936
Manicina pliocenica Gane, 1895
Manicina puntagordensis Weisbord, 1968
Manicina sp.E Budd and Johnson, 1998
Manicina aff.M.mayori Budd and Johnson, 1998

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