Notes on systematic and nomenclatural changes between the current bivalve and gastropod systematic lists and bivalve life habits database and gastropod diets database.

Jonathan  A. Todd

Department of Palaeontology, The Natural History Musem,
Cromwell Road, London, U.K. SW7 5BD

Systematic changes since creation of ‘Bivalve life habit dataset’

B1) Species previously referred to Amusium Röding, 1798 in the regional literature for both fossil and Recent taxa are currently under revision (Waller, 1991). These species are here treated under three genus-level groups, Amusium (sensu stricto), “Euvola” and Euvola (“Oppenheimopecten”) (T. Smith pers. comm. 2001).
B2) Neotropical Flabellipecten require revision and are currently referred to as “Flabellipecten” (T. Smith pers. comm. 2001).
B3) Following Olsson (1961), Leptopecten is now divided into two subgenera, Leptopecten ( L.) and L. (Pacipecten).
B4) Lyropecten (Nodipecten) is now elevated to genus Nodipecten following the systematics of  J. Smith (1991).
B5) Lucina (Lepilucina) has been elevated in rank to genus Lepilucina (J. D. Taylor pers. comm. 2001).
B6) Lucina (Lucinisca) has been elevated in rank to genus Lucinisca.
B7) The misspelling Hastasia (of Olsson, 1961) has been corrected to Hatasia Gray.
B8) Specimens assigned to Norbicula Iredale, 1930 have been re-identified as Varicorbula Grant & Gale, 1931 (L. Anderson pers. comm.).

Systematic changes since creation of ‘Gastropod diet dataset’

G1) Puncturella (Esmeria) Olsson, 1964 has been elevated to generic level and replaced by its senior synonym Altrix Palmer, 1942, following McLean & Geiger, 1998.
G2) Cingula (Microdochus) Rehder, 1943 is now synonymized with the genus Elachisina Dall, 1918 and placed in the Rissoidea: Elachisinidae (see Ponder 1985).
G3) Theodoxus (Vittoclithon) H. B. Baker, 1923 is now synonymized under the genus Vitta Mörch, 1852.
G4) Siliquaria Bruguière, 1789 has been replaced by its objective senior synonym Tenagodus Guettard, 1770 (Bieler, 1992).
G5) Specimens identified as Tectarius Valenciennes, 1832 have now been subsumed within Cenchritis von Martens, 1900.
G6) Mitra (Fusimitra) Conrad, 1865 is now recognized as a distinct mitrid genus.
G7) Hindsia A. Adams, 1851 has been replaced by its objective senior synonym Nassaria (Nassaria) Link, 1807 (Cernohorsky, 1984).
G8) Crepidula is now treated under 3 subgenera C. (C.), C. (Bostrycapulus) Olssen & Harbison, 1953 and C. (Ianacus) Mörch, 1852.
G9) Bezanconia probably belongs to the Cerithiidae and has been placed there.
G10) Following Warén's (1983) suggestion, Balcis Leach, 1847 has been synoymized with Melanella Bowditch, 1822.


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Last updated on March 27, 2001-tsa.