Character Information: Column Shape


Mimetridium cryptum. D-The holotype well elongated and with the collar smoothed away. E-A small specimen to show the full length of the column and the base. Reprinted with permission from SIR Publishing and the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Fig. 3.-Edwardsia tinctrix, sp. nov. Type-specimens, enlarged.
Drawn out into lobes
Figure 12. Peachia tropica. Side view of the oldest larva obtained, drawn from a preserved specimen. Magnified about five times. c.b.l.-basal (median) lobe of the conchula; c.l.l.-lateral lobes of the conchula; d.t.-directive tentacle (ventral) which is distinctly smaller than others. di.-the space that corresponds to the oral disc of the adult; in.d.m.-insertions of the ventral directive mesenteries; o.-external opening of the siphonoglyph; r.s.-roof of the siphonoglyph seen in the everted throat."
Figure 2. Ilyanthopsis elegans sp. n. Nat. Gr.
Distal part somewhat folded
Halcampoides macrodactyla; Syntypes; whole animal; Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris; catalog # 2384 © copyright Daphne Fautin
Fig. 3. Actinia nigropunctata; c, flat specimen from Tenerife, 30-1-94, (DZ AA-91) (scale bar = 0.8 cm)." Permissions to display image requested from copyright holder, reply pending.